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Stone Chips Finished

Aristaroof metal roofing tile gices natural look for you home. The additional stone chips coating enhance durability and artistic touch for better living.

Color Paint finished

Arista Roof metal color tiles come in four different colors with high quality polyester paint. It offers exellent durability and dynamical look for roofing.

Product Spesification

Physical Length
: 790 mm
Effective Length
: 750 mm
Physical Width
: 860 mm
Effective Width
: 820 mm
: ±5 mm
Effective Cover Area
: 0.62 m²
Tiles per m²
: 1.62 lbr/m²
Weight per tile
: 1.2 kg
Weight per m2
: 1.95 kg/m²

Advanced Freature of Arista Roof Metal Tile

1. Leak Proof

Arista roof tiles are watertight because of the double profile on the overlapping.

2. Lightweight

Only one-sixth the weight of a concrete tile.

3. Wind Resistant

Arista roof tiles are interlock securely with fix fastener to create a strong and safe roofing structure, able to resist the earthquakes and hurricane forces.

4. Roof Contour Versatility

Galvanized metal roofing tiles are flexible and are most suited for traditional, modern or classical architecture.

5. Construction Cost Saving

Arista roof tile are lightweight resulting in economical roof structures.

6. Break Proof

Beside being lightweight and leak proof, Arista roof tiles are weather resistent. They will not shatter even in extreme temperature or climatic condition.

7. Security Assured

The interlock fastening system provides peace of mind.

8. Fire Resistant

Reduce fire risk.

Stone Color Card

Maroon Red
Ocean Blue
Emerald Green
Coffee Brown
Ebony Black
Mandarin Orange
Neptune Green
Silverdust Black
Khaki Brown
Blessing Land
Diamond Land
Green Land
Red River
Royal Land
Sparkling Blue
Coral White

Color Paint Finished

Maroon Red
Ruby Red
Sapphire Blue
Gardenia Green
Batik Brown


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Ridge Cap
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