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Prestise comes with a sturdy and strong design that will make your building looks magnificent and Luxury.

Prestise is one of the best products from the Rainbow Group with a various advantages for your roofing.

Product Spesification
Physical Length: 450 mm
Effective Length: 390 mm
Physical Width: 895 mm
Effective Width: 740 mm
Tolerance: ±5 mm
Effective Cover Area: 0.29 m²
Tiles per m²: 3.47 pcs/m²
Weight per tile: 1.6 kg
Weight per m²: 4.6 kg/m²

Stone Color Card

Maroon Red
Ocean Blue
Emerald Green
Coffee Brown
Ebony Black
Mandarin Orange
Neptune Green
Silverdust Black
Khaki Brown
Blessing Land
Diamond Land
Green Land
Red River
Royal Land
Sparkling Blue
Coral White


Barrel Ridge Cap
Big Barrel Ridge Cap
Ridge Cap
Flat Sheet
Side Cap
Wall Flashing
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