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DPilihan utama para Architect terkenal dunia

Decra Oberon Tiles are the world's only lightweight roofing plain tile, in Decra’s bark colour they are also an ideal replacement for wooden roof shingles. Oberons lightweight roofing characteristics impose negligible additional load on the lightweight roof structure that underlies most timber roofing shingle. Oberon is designed to provide an attractive and economic finish for all types of roof from 15° to vertical


Product Spesification

Physical Length
: 430 mm
Effective Length
: 366 mm
Physical Width
: 1320 mm
Effective Width
: 1250 mm
: ±5 mm
Effective Cover Area
: 0.46 m²
Tiles per m²
: 2.2 lbr/m²
Weight per tile
: 7.56 kg
Weight per m2
: 6.375 kg

Decra Oberon is available in four colours, providing the appearance of conventional clay roof tiles and roof shingles. A wide-ranging choice of roofing accessories, including eaves, ridge and roof tile ventilators, completes the lightweight roofing system which is totally dry fixed throughout.

Oberon lightweight roof tiles are produced in large format. This enables faster installation with fewer fixings compared to traditional tile, slate roofing or roof shingles.

Decra Oberon lightweight roof tiles exceptional strength and security provide the perfect solution for not just for pitched roofs but is also ideal for troublesome vertical cladding applications.

Color Card



Triangle Cap
Side Cap
Wall Flashing
Flat Sheet
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